The Black Box is a joint venture between The Big Picture and Seanergy Softech whose founders spent considerable part of their professional lives running diverse areas of business i.e. Business Management and Information Technology. Over time the promoters of these companies recognized a complimentary fit which could make their product offering unassailable and comprehensive. This was the starting point of a strategic joint venture and the birth of Black Box Business Solutions Private Limited.

While The Big Picture brings value in terms of business and managerial experience to the venture, Seanergy translates these into user friendly software solutions that can be easily integrated with the existing systems of an enterprise. Both partners complement each other to develop comprehensive and relevant offerings for prospective customers.

Apart from the obvious business need to partner with each other, both enterprises i.e. The Big Picture and Seanergy share common values, vision and work ethics. Together they share the joint vision of making The Black Box a panacea for all business problems.

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