The Black Box will primarily help the following kinds of organizations.

I Where the enterprise has grown significantly over the last few years and is likely to sustain that growth but has not had the time to plan and lay down robust systems.
II An organization that has limited exposure of using IT systems for improving productivity and business performance;
III An organization that believes that investment in IT systems and processes is not a wasteful expenditure but a tool for improving results.
As is evident from the Statement of Purpose, the company attempts to de-jargonize the business systems and operations. The Black Box specializes in breaking down a complex function and project into simpler tasks and activities. The process of simplifying removes the fear of the unknown from the minds of executives.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Also the corporate philosophy of the company is to undertake at least one pro bono assignment in a year for an enterprise that cannot afford to pay for such services (including not for profit organizations). This effort falls in the purview of the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the company.

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