The Black Box (TBB) offers a unique blend of managerial support and proprietary software packages. The firm follows a four step (ADEI) process for engagement and delivering the required results for customers.
I Analysis: Based on the problem definition, The Black Box analyses the issues faced by the companies. This is done based on the customer brief as well as a TBB’s diagnostic process. Thereafter the firm compiles all the inputs and articulates the issues which are agreed and signed off along with the senior leadership team of the client.
II Designing: The second step involves identifying a suitable solution for the client company including. This involves defining a suitable remedy and identification of a software module from TBB’s portfolio.
III Execution: The third phase is the most intense and the longest phase of the engagement wherein TBB implements the proposed design within the enterprise. During this process the firm requires support and time from the designated employees from within the company.
IV Improvement: After implementation of the solution, the TBB evaluates the outcome of the system i.e. optimize the system for better results. The firm also seeks inputs and recommendations from the users and (other stakeholders) to make the adoption of the system easier and ubiquitous.
The Black Box uses the following packages to address various business requirements of potential clients. A brief summary of each package lists the application for which each of the systems is used.
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